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Try Before the Beta Starts

For the last couples of weeks, we dedicated our energy in experimenting how to make an intuitive shell. This fruitful experimental phase (aka alpha) resulted in Nacre. We would be very happy if you could try it and give us your opinion!

npm install -g nacre

You can simply install Nacre with this given command (more installation instructions here) and follow Getting started guide.


If you are familiar with Node REPL, it's very much the same but an extended form:

  • you can navigate smoothly with preview, completion and your favorite builtins: ls, cd, chmod, chown, stat, grep, and more.
  • there is an auto-require mechanism imports your modules when you need it. Explicit import can also be done with require().

Feedback matters a lot to us. We believe this is the only way to shape the most relevant roadmap for the next phase (beta). Tell us what you like, hate, expect, unexpect, wish to have, etc. on Discord or by creating issues on GitHub.

Many thanks!